Learning to Use Communication Balance

Loving Communication is a basic component of mindful loving. The skill, communication balance, is about the balance between speaking and listening. This video helps you assess your own communication style and provides ways to enhance communication balance in the relationship.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Use Communication Balance”

  1. Loving – loving and learning my new practices through your Mindful Loving. Beautifully written book and wonderful video. I will be following each one. This book has been instrumental in helping me continue my desire to be aware on my personality style, my conditioning of family style of communication ( that isn’t everyone cup of tea outside my family 😂) and how important using our I statements are especially when sharing how we feel. Very grateful for you and your gift through what you are both doing. Beth S.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. Continue your practice to be mindful and the most loving person you can be! Remember these are daily practices that can soon become second nature!

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