About the Authors

Diana Baysinger

Diana Baysinger, MC is an international coach and consultant. Diana is an energetic leader who is known for motivating and inspiring her clients. She is innovative and engages her clients in building a keen awareness of themselves and their desires. She coaches them to produce meaningful results and sustain personal and professional success.

Her work as a trainer and educator has taken her across the United States
and Europe. Diana is an active and creative writer for academic and business online newsletters.

Kathleen Todd

Kathleen Todd, MSW is a life and relationship coach who has worked as a healing professional for over thirty years. She helps people move to a place of wholeness and happiness. She serves as a guide to clients in their unique journey to improve their lives and achieve the passion, success and dreams they desire. She works with each client with respect, honesty, integrity, and professionalism in a fun and engaging manner. Kathleen integrates mindfulness and meditation practices as key strategies to improve and strengthen relationships.

Kathleen is also the co-author of “I’m in Charge! A Parenting Strategy to
Help You Raise Happy and Cooperative Children” and “The Little Book of
Parenting Tools.”

About the Book

This book was inspired by our work with thousands of couples learning about what works and what does not work in Mindful Loving relationships. We were motivated to put this information into a practical format for individuals and couples to use. As a result of our work we know that all relationships can benefit from the useful and practical information in this book.

What we have learned is we all have a desire for connection, acceptance, and love. Mindful Loving is a choice that individuals make to help fulfill this desire. It takes a daily commitment to practice living and loving more fully. When we live and love more fully, we live from greater passion and purpose.

Mindful Loving: A Guide to Loving with Passion and Purpose empowers individuals to sustain connection in their love relationship.

This book offers practical information and insight about:

  • The Basics of Mindful Loving which are Loving Communication and Understanding & Respecting Differences.
  • The natural Cycles of Mindful Loving.
  • Practical Tools that help build, remodel, and strengthen relationships.

We designed this book for couples and individuals. Whether you are both committed to enriching your relationship or one of you is trying to change patterns in your relationship, you will find this book helpful.

Every couple can create their own Mindful Loving relationship. Mindful Loving is more than just a concept, it is a practice that translates loving into one of life’s greatest sources of joy and fulfillment.

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