Evaluate Your Current Use of Technology

Evaluate Your Current Use of Technology

In this global pandemic, technology is a primary vehicle for our connection and communication. Restrictions of in-person social connections have forced us to rely on connections through technology.

Out of necessity, our use and reliance on technology has been amplified and is becoming more of an integral part of our lives than ever before. For many, it has become a new central focus in our lives. Work meetings, school classes, family and friend get-togethers are now all online. Parents who used to be very mindful and measured about monitoring their children’s screen time are now forced to accept a dramatic increase and dependence on screens for school. Because of the restrictions of the Pandemic, children now rely on technology for education, entertainment and connection with friends. People who in the past have mindfully and purposefully limited use of social media, news and technology now find themselves pulled into the world of increased use of technology as a necessity.

This increased use of technology impacts our lives as well as our relationships There are both positive and negative consequences in our lives and relationships as a result of our increasing use and reliance on technology. When we explore these consequences, we can work to decrease the negative consequences and increase the positive ones.

Take the time to explore how your mindful loving relationships are affected by the increase in the use of technology. One of the relationship advantages is that it may provide you with multiple ways of communicating and maintaining your love connection. When used wisely, your devices and social media enhance your connections through love texts, pictures that capture special or funny moments, and the ability to coordinate your calendars

           What are some of the advantages in your mindful loving relationship?

 There are disadvantages as well. One of the greatest disadvantages in any relationship is when the use of technology becomes more important than human connections. People can become dependent and/or addicted to their phones or screens. Another disadvantage is when partners impulsively send hurtful, angry or abusive texts and say things they would never say face to face.

          What are some of the disadvantages to the increased use of technology in your relationship?

Partners can make decisions and create guidelines about the many ways to use technology mindfully and wisely in their Mindful Loving relationship. We offer a practical tool in the book, Mindful Loving: A Guide to Loving with Passion and Purpose to help you use technology wisely and create a balance between your digital and human connections.

         Explore your current use of technology and create new guidelines for yourself and in your relationship.

Start with an honest conversation with your partner about how to use technology mindfully and wisely in your own relationship.

Some questions that may be helpful are:

         When, where, and for how long is it okay to use devices?

         What is our agreement about privacy for our devices?

         Is it OK to use each other’s devices or share social media accounts?

         How has my use of technology changed during this Pandemic?

         How has my technology use been a help or hurt our relationship

         What is one example of how I can improve my use of technology in our relationship?

         What is one example of how I would like my partner to improve the use of technology in our relationship?

Share your responses with each other and create three guidelines for how you will use technology more mindfully and wisely in your Mindful Loving relationship.




No one knows how long the consequences and restrictions of this unprecedented time in our lives will continue. There are many effects and changes in our lives that are happening now and some that will continue after this Pandemic.

        Take the time to think and talk about the changes and effects in your life and in your relationship.

        Be mindful of the impact of this crisis and set your intention to learn, grow and be your best self.











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