Create Mindful Loving Goals for 2020

Create Mindful Loving Goals for 2020

By Diana Baysinger

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level, to increase passion and fulfill a greater sense of purpose?

 The beginning of a new year is a great time to review last year and set new goals for the upcoming year. Setting goals provides an opportunity to create a vision and a plan that supports that vision.

Goals are the very actions that make the vision become a reality.  They have a specific focus, purpose and involves steps that help you fulfill your vision. Think about a goal as:

                          G   Great

                          O   Opportunity to

                          A   Align with

                          L   Lifelong mindful loving      

Many people set goals for themselves on an individual basis. Have you ever set goals together with your partner for your relationship?  We encourage you to do just that!  Creating goals helps you take the next step in your mindful loving relationship.

Here are 4 steps to help you create goals for your mindful loving relationship.

1.Set 5-10 Annual Goals.

Talk about the vision you have for the year and follow the SMART goal format to help you create goals that enable you to be successful in achieving your vision for 2020. SMART Goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. Here are some areas and examples to consider for SMART goal setting:

  • Mindful Loving Practices:
  1. Smart Goal: Select one mindful loving relationship tool each week and practice it together.
  • Managing Finances:
  1. Smart Goal: Create and implement a budget that reduces our debt by 5% by the end of the year.
  • Parenting Our Children:
  1. Smart Goal: Create and implement a weekly family meeting to discuss family activities, responsibilities, and have “Big Talk” conversations about family experiences.
  • Have Fun Together:
  1. Smart Goal: Plan and schedule 1 or more fun activities with each other every month.
  • Home Management:
  1. Smart Goal: Create and implement a home management chore list: laundry, bill paying, yard work, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping etc. Identify the partner responsible for each chore and when and how the chore will be completed.
  • Individual and Relationship Care:
  1. Smart Goal: Create weekly/monthly self-care plan and share it. Together create a relationship care plan that ensures time for weekly meaningful connection and intimacy.

2. Create Monthly Goals that Align with Your Annual Goals.

           Annual Smart Goal: Select one mindful loving relationship tool each week and practice it

           Monthly Goal: Choose 4 mindful loving tools and practice them weekly.

3. Review and Evaluate Monthly Goals.

To ensure the success and fulfillment of the goals that you set, review them once a month. Put the review meeting on your calendar and make sure that you have 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. Look at your monthly goals and evaluate how well you did with each of the goals.

Evaluate your progress by discussing your accomplishments and disappointments. Think about what you did to reach the accomplishments. Those actions are the very practices that will lead you to continued success. Discuss your disappointments and create new practices that will help you overcome the disappointments and move you toward greater success.

4. Set Next Month’s Goals.

This part of the goal setting process helps you maintain progress in meeting your SMART goals. Use the information from the review and evaluation to create the next month’s goals.

You may continue to use the same goal every month to ensure that it becomes a new practice.  You also may create new monthly goals that align with your mindful loving relationship vision and your annual goals.

We encourage you and your partner to live into your mindful loving vision by setting goals for 2020. This year can be a year like 20/20 eyesight. This can be a year of perfect vision, increased clarity, and enhanced love in your mindful loving relationship. Use the goal setting steps to make sure your mindful loving vision becomes your new reality.

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