Are You Ready to Increase the Passion and Purpose in Your Mindful Loving Relationships?



Are You Ready to Increase the Passion and Purpose in Your Mindful Loving Relationships?

       Kathleen Todd, MSW and Diana Baysinger, MC

Mindful loving is more than a concept; it is a practice that enhances your love with passion and purpose.

Mindful loving is a way of loving that takes your relationship to new heights and depths of love and intimacy. Based on the principles of mindfulness, mindful loving starts with a conscious decision to love with intention and attention. It involves being present, thoughtful, and open to the experiences of loving and being loved. Mindful loving helps you experience the richness of passion and purpose in your love relationships.

Passion encompasses a wide range of strong emotions and includes both positive and negative emotions. Passion is the experience of joy, sexual fulfillment, and deep abiding love. Passion fuels inspiration, fun, and creativity. Passion invigorates your brain and gives life greater meaning. Increasing passion in your mindful loving relationships enables you to experience love at deeper levels.

Passion comes from the core of who you are. It comes from your strengths, your life experiences, and activities that bring you fulfillment and joy. When you experience passion within yourself, you are better able to create that passion in your love relationships.

We encourage you to start with a mindful loving assessment. You can do this individually or together.

Assess your own passion: Think about the following questions and write your ideas down.

  • What are your core strengths?
  • What were the activities and experiences in your childhood that helped you develop these core strengths?
  • How do your activities and experiences today fulfill your passion?

Purpose comes from your reason for living and loving. It defines the way you live your life and why you live that life the way you do. Thinking about your purpose is a meaningful practice that helps you stay on track in your life and in your relationships.

Understanding your purpose forms the basis of who you are, why you are driven to do what you do, and who you choose to love. Knowing your own purpose helps you develop the purpose of your mindful loving relationships.

Assess your own purpose: Think about the following questions and write your ideas down.

  • When do you feel most fulfilled, happy, and at peace?
  • What would you like to do if you knew you would not fail?
  • What do you want your legacy to be?

Understanding your own passion and purpose provides a solid foundation for mindful loving. Share the results above with your partner and complete the following assessment together.

Assess the passion and purpose in your mindful loving relationship:

Think about the following two questions and write your ideas down.

  • What are the core strengths in our relationship?
  • In what ways does our relationship provide meaning in my life?

Share the results with your partner and work together on the final exercise.

Create a list of three things you will do to keep passion and purpose alive in your relationship.




Once you define the passion and purpose of your relationship, you can explore ways to take it to new heights and depths that are fulfilling and exhilarating.

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